Smallness – UK Tour 2013/14

What is it with us and smallness? We Brits love it – being tiny but fierce, close but distant. Watch Russell ejaculate thoughts about smallness; on keeping things small when life gets big.

Posturing Delivery – 2012

‘What if I’m one of the guys who never has a baby? Why is this not a male subject…?’

Manscaping – 2011

Manscaping Find out more about Russell’s latest show Manscaping which premiered at the Edinburgh Festival in August 2011.

Russell Kane’s Whistlestop Tour  – 2011

Russell Kane’s Whistlestop Tour combines stand-up, music and his own unique take on your home town.

Smokescreens & Castles – 2010

The show that won Russell both the Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Award and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s Barry Award – hurrah!

Human Dressage – 2009

Prancing, posing, preening – is it always the ego at work? Are we really just vacuous globs of jelly destined to show off?

Fakespeare: The Tragickal Saveings Of King Nigel – 2009

Shakespeare has been reinvented in modern form many times. Russell turned this notion on its head: Why not take our silly modern woes and re-work them into Fakespearian verse?

Gaping Flaws – 2008

Old teacups, Anthony Trollope, his Nan’s gammy hip: why are we British people so fond of Gaping Flaws?