Stupid Man, Smart Phone

When we need to put up shelves most of us turn to the how-tos of the internet for a helping hand. Comedian Russell Kane is taking this one step further. He’s convinced that even though he has no survival training or knowledge of the local language or customs, he’s sure he can be dropped anywhere in the world, and can survive with only his mobile phone for help.

Each episode is a new adventure where he will take with him a different internet star with access to millions of followers. From the Costa Rican jungle with Conor Maynard, to the Arctic Circle with Rose and Rosie, or the Northern Sahara with Arron Crascall, Russell is on a completely different mission in every single episode. On offer for the viewer is loads of information about how to survive in these extreme locations, from the comfort of the sofa.

Unprepared, under-skilled and badly advised, can Russell and his companions survive with just their mobile?

This is Bear Grylls without the skills, this is Stupid Man, Smart Phone.