Russell to star in Stupid Man, Smart Phone on the BBC in spring

BBC Three and BBC Worldwide have commissioned the brand new series Stupid Man, Smart Phone which will see Russell Kane joined by a different online star every week with the stars convinced that, even though they have no survival skills or knowledge of the local language or customs, they can be dropped anywhere in the world and survive with only their mobile phone for help.

From the Arctic Circle with Rose and Rosie to the arid African landscape with Arron Crascall, Russell and his fellow social media stars will need all the internet help they can get.

Russell Kane said: ‘In life, I independently Googled my way from council estate to degree in English, and the internet’s about to save my soul again. It’ll keep me warm. It’ll teach me to hunt and survive. Plus, I’m taking along online superstars who can access millions of knowledgeable followers! Okay, maybe SOME of their followers are 12-yr old girls, but still, I intend to WIN and outsmart nature.’